Corey Taylor Says He Once Drank His Own Puke To “Freak Out” Marilyn Manson

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor is a man of many talents, including, for some reason, the ability to drink his own puke.

In a new interview, Taylor reveals that when Slipknot first toured with Marilyn Manson during Ozzfest back in 2001, he managed to “freak out” the shock-rocker by chugging some of his own spew.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, Taylor says that while he doesn’t remember much of that Ozzfest tour, he does remember the vomit-drinking incident.

“I was pretty lit, pretty much for that whole tour,” Taylor says. “I do remember throwing up in a cup and drinking it in front of Manson and he kind of freaked out. He didn’t really know how to take it.

“And then he ran into our dressing room in tighty-whitey underwear and kind of danced for us and kind of ran back out, and we were like, ‘What the fuck just happened?'”

Slipknot and Manson, who are embarking on a US tour this week, have long had a strong chemistry, which Taylor says has led to some pretty weird competitiveness between shows.

“We don’t really try to fuck with each other, and when we do, it gets really weird,” he says.

“At the same time, there’s a positive competition there that we both respond to. When we play with him, we watch him tear it down every night, and that just makes us want to tear it down every night, too.

“So there’s a mutual respect that goes along with that positive competition that will make for great shows no matter where we are. To me, that’s the best respect that you can show a fellow artist, especially someone you really enjoy what they do.”

Slipknot will tour with Marilyn Manson and Of Mice & Men through to late August, after the bands had to reschedule three weeks’ worth of shows when Taylor underwent spinal surgery earlier this month, even though he didn’t even realise that he’d broken his neck.

In October, Slipknot will return to Australia for a headline tour, supported by Lamb Of God. Unfortunately, due to doctor’s orders, Taylor isn’t meant to do any headbanging or jumping during the upcoming shows, but we’re sure he’s probably thinking about breaking those rules anyway.

Speaking about what fans can expect at Slipknot’s forthcoming gigs, Taylor says the performances will be “night and day” compared to what they performed last year, featuring different set lists and new approaches to onstage video.

“We’re trying to put as much art out there as possible,” he says. “It should be really, really cool.”

Relive one of Slipknot’s Soundwave 2015 sets in photos, below.

Gallery: Slipknot @ Soundwave 2015, Melbourne / Photos: Brett Schewitz

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