Corey Taylor Responds After Google Says He’s Been Dead For Years

Corey Taylor has responded on social media after Google started telling punters that he died in 2004.

A fan pointed out the blunder on Twitter, saying that someone either “f*cked up” or it’s a “conspiracy”.


In his typical humour, Taylor has done little to put an end to the “conspiracy”, responding with, “Nope. It’s right. I’m dead. …oooooooooor…”

For anybody who has seen Slipknot or Stone Sour, or listened to the many albums both bands have put out since 2004, you’re probably very aware that Taylor is not dead.

Some fans, however, are joking that Taylor was killed by the government and replaced by “a Jason Bourne like sleeper cell”. Another theory is that Taylor is in fact a vampire. View a bunch of fans’ tweets, below.

The whole situation is slowly becoming similar to the conspiracy that Avril Lavigne was killed in 2003 and replaced by a doppelgänger named Melissa.

The very much alive version of Taylor will tour Australia with Stone Sour later this month.

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