Corey Taylor Speaks Out About COVID Diagnosis: “I’m Vaccinated So I’m Not Worried”

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor revealed his COVID-19 diagnosis over the weekend. The singer is fully vaccinated.

In a video posted to Facebook on Friday, Taylor expressed how he was feeling, saying that “I wish I had better news. I woke up today and tested positive and I’m very, very sick.”

“I should be okay — it’s the flu,” he continued. “I’m vaccinated so I’m not worried but I certainly wouldn’t want to spread it to anyone else. So, everybody be safe out there. And thank you so much. I will see you again, I promise.”

He also apologised for having to dip out of pop culture convention Astronomicon in Michigan due to his illness. “I am absolutely devastated,” he said. “I am so sorry. I hope everyone has a good time and I promise you, I will absolutely try to get back there as soon as I can.”

Watch the video below.

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