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Image for Cosmic Psychos Condemn ‘F*ckwit’ At The Far-Right St. Kilda Rally Wearing Their MerchImage: Supplied/Twitter

Cosmic Psychos Condemn ‘F*ckwit’ At The Far-Right St. Kilda Rally Wearing Their Merch

Written by Jackson Langford on January 6, 2019

Cosmic Psychos have responded to an image circulating of some dickhead wearing the band’s merch at the far-right St. Kilda rally yesterday, while also holding an SS helmet.

Because they’re decent people, Cosmic Psychos came down on the protest and the man pretty hard, completely disassociating themselves from him and the rally itself.

Taking to Facebook, the band wrote that they “have been made aware of a photo circulating from the far-right rally in St. Kilda today of a man wearing a Psychos t-shirt and holding an SS helmet.”

“The Cosmic Psychos,” the post continued, “do not condone any form of racism, exclusion, violence or hate.”

“Nazi’s, there’s a place where you belong.”

They then provided a link to their track ‘Fuckwit City’ which sums this whole thing up pretty well.

In case you missed it, Neil Erikson – noted flog who, as ABC reports, has been convicted of inciting serious contempt against Muslims and has publicly called former Labor senator Sam Dastyari a ‘monkey’ and a ‘terrorist’ – organised the far-right rally and hundreds of police officers had to intervene once protesters attacked a car being driven by counter-protesters with a loudspeaker playing the words ‘Sudanese are welcome, racists are not.’

Read the Facebook post below.

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