Couple Encounters Black Metal Band During Engagement Photoshoot In The Woods

A pair of lovebirds staging a romantic engagement photoshoot in the heart of a Californian forest have unwittingly chanced upon a black metal band.

Satanist collective Coldvoid were also in the woods, taking advantage of the night’s full moon to provide a menacing backdrop for their new promo shots.

The band were decked out in their full stage attire of head-to-toe black leather, metal spikes and corpse paint, whilst carrying an assortment of sinister props including a candelabrum, nails and swords. But rather than screaming and running for their lives, the betrothed – AKA John Awesome and Nydia Hernandez – instead invited the four-piece to take part in their whimsical photo sesh.


“During the last part of the session, we noticed a few guys with some corpse paint makeup on sitting at a nearby bench blaring out some black metal music,” the appropriately named Awesome, who seemingly possesses no fear of death, told America’s ABC News.

“We just randomly thought it would be a funny idea if we could get them to be a part of our engagement shoot. So we approached them and asked and they more than happy to accept! Super nice people. I seriously can’t make this stuff up.”

Fellow dangerlord, photographer Janet Wheeland added: “It was a perfect, spontaneous finale to our photo shoot.”

And before disappearing back into the abyss, Coldvoid left the couple with an early prezzie to celebrate their unholy matrimony: their new demo.

“It was the perfect eerie soundtrack for the drive out of the woods,” Wheeland said. “We couldn’t have planned it better.”

The band have since posted about the encounter themselves, updating their Facebook cover photo with the amazing pre-wedding shot and remarking: “It appears we have broken the internet!”

In all honesty though, Awesome and Hernandez shouldn’t have been all that surprised to stumble upon a band like Coldvoid in the middle of the woods.

Everyone knows that the world’s forests are crawling with more black metal bands than the streets of 2016 are with Pokemon.


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