Mariah Carey Receives Black Metal Parody For Christmas

Mariah Carey’s festive classic All I Want For Christmas Is You has been painted black and sacrificed to King Baphomet in this glorious black metal parody.

Corpse paint enthusiasts Woods Of Trees have taken the pop diva’s 1994 Yuletide hit and given it a grim makeover, complete with revised lyrics for maximum evil, such as “I’m just gonna keep on waiting for a Necrophagist album” and “Satan Claus won’t make me happy with a plague on Christmas day”.

We’re pretty sure you won’t be hearing this one blaring over the speakers at your local Westfield this holiday season.

Notice All I Want For Kriegmas Is You Senpai, via Metal Sucks, below.

All I Want for Kriegmas Is You – Black Metal Parody

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