Courtney Love Explains Why She Left Billy Corgan For Kurt Cobain

During a recent interview, Courtney Love has explained the moment that led to hear splitting with Billy Corgan to pursue her feelings towards Kurt Cobain in the grunge rock love epic of our generation.

Courtney explains that it was Corgan’s refusal to cover her airfare while she joined The Smashing Pumpkins on tour, revealing the frontman “kind of lost me at this moment.

When [Kurt and I] were still platonic, I was on the ferry, Billy Corgan would not pay for my flight back from Roskilde, and Nirvana had played with the Pumpkins at that show, so I was on the ferry with the Nirvana guys.”

It seems that our Kurt had already started to catch the eye of Love…

“I had a crush on Kurt, he was gorgeous, I mean he was beautiful, and enigmatic, and evasive. This was after Reading, but I still was dating and sleeping with Billy Corgan, but he kind of lost me at this moment, this wasn’t the moment that he specifically lost me, that would be about six to eight months later, but he kind of lost me at this moment.”

Cupid’s aim fixed, Courtney and Kurt would start dating “officially” in 1991 before the sealed the deal in 1992. The interview found it’s way onto the extended Montage Of Heck DVD version

(Via Alternative Nation)

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