Courtney Love’s Raw Live Audio Is A Celebrity Sin

Die-hard fans still holding out for a Hole reunion may want to rethink their position after seeing this video. Though we always appreciated Courtney Love for her attitude more than her musical chops, a new clip that pairs performance footage with isolated recordings of the rocker’s vocal and guitar tracks could be the most shocking thing Love has been linked to yet.

According to J.M. Ladd, four years ago he was hired to film several performances at New York City venue Don Hill’s during Fashion Week. In Ladd’s own words, after his work was completed, he was “left standing with a hard drive and an invoice no one seemed to want. Four years later I still have the files and not really any idea what to do with them.”

“What you are hearing are just Courtney’s vocal and guitar mics (with the obvious bleed from the rest of the band),” he explains in the clip’s YouTube description. “I’ve muted everything else. This video I’ve borrowed from elsewhere on YouTube and in trying to sync up my own audio I realized they were a little sloppy with their edit. But you get the idea.”

And before you ask, Ladd insists “this is not fake”. The YouTube citizen says he is “merely presenting the facts as they are” and is leaving it up to fans to decide whether the video is further proof that the ever-divisive Love is “the worst” or if it simply makes her “all the more ‘punk rock'”.

Love recently revealed that she could potentially reunite with the outfit that gave the ’90s some of its most memorable anthems. Speaking to Paper magazine, Love said a reunion would only happen if the band make “some music that’s relevant to now” and find a modern producer. The rocker said she has no desire to get on the “oldies circuit”.

Watch: Hole – Celebrity Skin (Solo Vocal & Guitar Mics) at Don Hill’s 2010

Photos: Courtney Love – Melbourne, Festival Hall 16/08/14

Photos by Andrew Briscoe

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