Cruise Ship Plays ‘Seven Nation Army’, Will Not Feature On New Jack White Album

This one does pretty much exactly what is says on the tin, which is weird because HOW CAN A CRUISE SHIP PLAY A GUITAR?! Cool your smoke stacks, literal-minded reader — all you have to do is watch the video below.

Triple M brought our attention to this sweet little clip, which features luxury liner MSC Magnifica belting out the famous riff from The White Stripes classic via its ginormous ship air horn things.

The clip was taken from the shore on 9th May during Hamburg harbour’s 825th birthday celebration. Onlookers including the ship’s 2,500 or so passengers whoop and holler in recognition at the waterborne chops on display.

As rad as this is, don’t expect Third Man Records to come calling any time soon, MSC Cruises.

WATCH: Cruise Ship playing Seven Nation Army

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