Daft Punk Hit The Studio With The Weeknd, Writing Your New Favourite Song

UPDATE 22/09/16: The Weeknd has dropped the title track from Starboy; a collaboration with Daft Punk.

ORIGINAL STORY: If you thought that things have been a little too quiet within camp Daft Punk for a little too long now, well, you were on to something. Despite the lack of movement from the duo, it appears that they are up to their old tricks once again, and just like last time, they’re buddying up with some heavy hitters to finish the job.

It’s been reported that the robotic overlords are back in the studio working on new material, and have enlisted the angelic vocal stylings of The Weeknd. Of course in true Daft Punk style, the news didn’t come from them, but rather someone on the outskirts their camp, Wendy Goldstein, the EVP A&R for Republic Records.

According to Mix Mag, In the latest episode of Billboard’s video series, ‘Hitmakers Roundtable,’ Goldstein revealed that studio time had been booked on behalf of both parties which is exciting even for the seasoned veteran.

We have a session coming up in two days […] with The Weeknd and Daft Punk. I’ve always been a massive Daft Punk fan, so this is the first time that I’m actually involved with an artist who is actually going to go work with them.”

Republic record is home to The Weeknd, but not to Daft Punk, so it’s not clear who will be releasing the track and who will be featuring it. One things guaranteed though, it’s an anthem-in-waiting.

Daft Punk damn near stopped the world last time they began drip feeding album updates. Are we ready for another Random Access Memories? Or do we need more time?

WATCH: Billboard ‘Hitmakers Roundtable’

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