Daft Punk Quit Ecstasy After Nearly Being Run Over By A Truck

In a revealing interview with Rolling Stone, Daft Punk has disclosed the duo’s short-lived relationship with the drug commonly known as ecstasy. Thomas Bangalter told the magazine that the last time he did Ecstasy he was almost hit by a truck, which was coincidentally the same day Kurt Cobain died:

“The last time I did ecstasy was the day Kurt Cobain died. We were at a party in Glasgow when I heard. Then we were going to an afterparty and I almost got hit by a truck.”

Daft Punk partner Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo saved Bangalter by pulling him out of the path of the oncoming vehicle. De Homem-Christo admitted to Rolling Stone he was also on ecstasy at the time of the incident:

“That was the first night I tried ecstasy. And also the last.”

Being so early in their careers, it’s unlikely were wearing their trademark protective headgear so, yes, that would be enough to terrify most people. Of course, it wasn’t just the near miss that scared Daft Punk straight. As Bangalter explained there were far more dire consequences to being hopped up on disco biscuits:

“I did ecstasy for one year, from early 1993 to early 1994. The problem was that I was liking any music I’d hear, any crap – I had no critical judgment.”

Now we’re just imagining Random Access Memories as a tribute to Melissa Etheridge and Sade, and thanking Daft Punk for nearly dying.

(via Rolling Stone)

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