Daft Punk to Release Rare Demo Track on Soma Records Compilation

Soma Records have uncovered a rare DAT tape that contains a rare Daft Punk recording. The tape was sent by the young duo as a demo in 1994, and was found amongst some boxes of old tapes. The track will be released on Soma’s upcoming 20th Aniversary Compilation Album. The two had submitted many tracks to the label, and eventually had 2 songs that were released (that would ultimately end up on debut album Homework).

The story of how Soma stumbled across the gem is as follows…

At the tail end of 2010 we trailed boxes of DATs, pictures and god-only-knows what else to find artefacts of Soma’s early days. Imagine our surprise when we discovered a tape simply entitled ‘Daft Drive’. We hooked up the DAT machine and inserted the tape with the delicacy of a surgeon, pressing play and praying that for one, the tape contained what we hoped, and two, that it didn’t chew it like a dog chewing on a bone.

In amongst the hiss and crackle, the most monstrous 909 kick drum thudded. Daft Punk’s Drive track had been rediscovered. Playing through was Live Daft Punk; freaky vocals, pounding Roland drums & synths and that archetypal DP compression. After standing in silence, witnessing this moment, the track faded off and we heard the sound of the French spoken word that the recording had been made over; the remnants of their parents audio collection. The tape had originally been sent with Rollin’ and Scratchin’ to be released as Soma25. But Soma asked these two bright-eyed and Techno-bound Frenchman, to finish and send Da Funk to accompany Rollin’ and Scratchin’ and DRIVE was shelved for a later date…

Soma Records – 20 Year’s Compilation will be released on the 19th of September. You can pre-order it from here.

Disc 1 – Soma Classics

01. Daft Punk – Drive unreleased 1994

02. Scott Grooves (feat. Parliament/Funkadelic) – Mothership Reconnection (Daft Punk Remix)

03. Silicone Soul – Right On, Right On

04. Slam – Azure (Part 1)

05. Funk D’Void – Diabla (Heavenly Mix)

06. Slam – Positive Education

07. The Black Dog – Cost II

08. Samuel L Session – Can You Relate (Joris Voorn Flooding The Market with Remixes)

09. Percy X – X-Trak 1

10. Desert Storm – Desert Storm

11. Slam – Eterna

Disc 2 – Slam Dj Mix

01. Slam – Groovelock (Deepchord Atmospheric Rebuild)

02. Eastmen – U Dig (Loco Dice Remix)

03. H-Foundation – Slayin’ the Dragon (Klartraum Remix)

04. Hatikvah – In the Spirit (Rod Modell | Deepchord Vector and Velocity Mix)

05. Slam – Human (Oxia Remix)

06. Silicone Soul – Right On, Right On (Nick Curly Remix)

07. Pablo – Turn the Page (Alex Under Remix)

08. Vector Lovers – Computrfnk (Sebrok’s Funk You Remix)

09. Itamar Sagi – One Million Oaks (Mark Broom Remix)

10. H-Foundation – Passage of Time (D1Julz Remix)

11. Master H – Magic K (Paul Ritch 31 Trudaine Mix)

12. Silicone Soul – 3am (Maetrik Jazzersize Mix)

13. Slam – Lifetimes (Pan-Pot Bass Times Mix)

14. Slam – Stepback (Mark Henning Remix)

15. Slam – Positive Education (Zero T Remix)

16. Slam – Stepback (Adam Beyer & Jesper Dahlback Remix

17. Tony Thomas – Beginnings (Gary Beck Remix)

18. Funk D’Void – Diabla (Christian Smith and Wehbba Remix)

19. Funk D’Void – Diabla (Joash Remix)

Disc 3 – Silicone Soul Dj Mix

01. [Intro] Percy X Vs Bloodsugar – -3 (Emissons 2) / Scott Grooves feat. Roy Ayers – Expansions (Vocal)

02. Counterplan – 90 Degrees (DJ Q Mix) / Scott Grooves (feat. Parliament / Funkadelic) – Mothership Reconnection (Vocal)

03. Otaku – Percussion Obsession

04. Chaser – Destination Unknown

05. Mark Henning – Last Night

06. Alex Smoke – Chica Wappa

07. Desert Storm – Scoraig ’93

08. Schatrax – Mispent years (Silicone Soul’s Darkroom Dub) / Hatikvah – In The Spirit (Vocal)

09. Rejuvination – Requiem

10. Slam – Positive Education

11. Universal Principles – Inspiration & Light (Vocal)

12. Slam – This World (Wighnomy Bros. & Robag Wruhme Dub) / Silicone Soul – The Snake Charmer Edit (Vocal)

13. Funk D’ Void – Diabla (Heavenly Edit)

14. Silicone Soul – Chic-O-Laa (H-Foundation Remix)

15. Eastmen – U Dig (Vocal)

16. Silicone Soul – Right On, Right On (Original Mix)

17. [Outro] Hatikvah – Daedalus / H-Foundation feat. Aion – Tonight (Vocal) [Until The Sun Edit]

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