Daft Punk’s Most Influential Collaborator – Andrew The Pizza Guy

In anticipation of their forthcoming release Random Access Memories, Daft Punk have released a series of videos featuring interviews with key figures who made an impact on the release. Pharrell Williams, Panda Bear and Nile Rodgers have all commented on their experience working with the duo but now comes testimony from a far more influential and seminal collaborator – Andrew the Pizza Guy.

Working out of some pizzeria somewhere, Andrew recalls the time he was visited by two mysterious men one evening. Though he can’t be sure they were French, he can confirm they smelt like cigarettes and they weren’t wearing helmets BUT one of them was wearing a hat, so it was most likely Daft Punk. It was a moment he won’t soon forget, with Andrew awestruck by the pair’s ability to order pizza, “They captured everything that was good about pizza in the ’70s, and they made it their own.”

It seems their taste in pizza matches their taste in music, with a seemingly awestruck Andrew explaining “it was like 8 slices from the future”. The pair left once their order was complete, informing Andrew that they were going to go work on their new masterpiece, and that he helped them do it.

Check out the Funny Or Die clip Random Ass Memories below.

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