Daft Punk’s Unnamed “Australian Rock Record” Sample Revealed?

Internet users are a powerful force who hate to be left out of the loop. So it’s no surprise that when Daft Punk mentioned, but failed to name, an “Australian rock record” as the only sample used for the final track Contact off their new album Random Access Memories, it was only a matter of time before that record was identified. The results are in and there is a strong rumour going around that it’s none other than a track by The Sherbs.

Yeah, I had no idea who they were either but, after a little help from Google, I can tell you that The Sherbs are a by-product of Sherbet, featuring Daryl Braithwaite, who disbanded in 1979 only to reform the following year under the new moniker. Despite their former identity being a household name throughout Australia, The Sherbs seemed to only find traction in the USA, and a small amount of it at that.

The reformed outfit must have struck a chord with Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter who, according to, sampled the band’s 1982 single We Ride Tonight during a DJ set in Amsterdam circa 2002, both of which you can listen to below.

That tidbit on its own proves nothing, but a tweet from music producer Andy Zax (below) boldly announcing the news like it ain’t no thing seems to strengthen this into something more substantial. A post in the Daft Punk fan site also seems to back up this theory.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed yet and it could as easily be AC/DC, or even Tame Impala. Time will tell. Check out the videos below and… Wait a second… Is that guy putting on A ROBOT-LIKE HELMET?! DEFINITIVE PROOF I SAY!

Watch: The Sherbs – We Ride Tonight

Listen: Cassius, Thomas Bangalter & DJ Falcon @ Paradiso, Amsterdam (skip to 24:30)

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