Dallas Green Says Upcoming City And Colour Shows Will Be A Little Different

Dallas Green AKA, City and Colour has released a statement today, talking about his upcoming shows. He’s set to kick off a European Tour in a number of days and has announced the upcoming shows will be a little different.

Green said that touring as normal hasn’t felt right since the passing of City and Colour producer and engineer, Karl Bareham. Because of this, Green says he needs to make some changes to continue touring, and he’ll be performing his upcoming shows mostly solo.

The statement reads:

“Last year was very emotional. I experienced some giant joys and huge sorrows both publicly and privately. It was a physically and mentally draining time.

“After losing Karl ‘horse’ Bareham, my dear friend and collaborator, a week before ‘A Pill For Loneliness’ was released, it just hasn’t felt right touring as if it’s just another record cycle. Because it isn’t.

“I realized, if I want to keep touring, I have to make some changes. I decided I’m going to perform my upcoming tours mostly solo, accompanied by longtime friend and multi-instrumentalist Matt Kelly.

“I’m very thankful to my band and crew for their continued support and understanding. I didn’t take this decision lightly. I just know it is in my best interest to calm my world down.

“So, I’ll be playing tunes from all the records, some that I haven’t played in years and maybe even some I’ve never played at all.”

Read the statement in full below.

City and Colour are touring Australia in April this year with the help of our own Alex Lahey. It’s not yet clear if Australia’s tour will be different too.

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