Dance Gavin Dance Announce New Album ‘Mothership’

Everyone’s favourite soap-opera of a post-hardcore band Dance Gavin Dance are back again, announcing a new album Mothership, set for release in October of this year. The new album comes seemingly seconds after their previous effort, last year’s Instant Gratification but we ain’t complaining.

Mothership will drop Friday, 7th October, to be precise, and brings the band up to a respectable 7-full length records. Fairly impressive considering just how much turmoil they’ve been through as an outfit, few bands can boast having more former members than current members at any given time.

But with their trademark Good vs. Evil duelling vocals and the ability to take none of it too seriously, Dance Gavin Dance continue to be favourites of the scene. They’ve also been fairly good to their Australian fans, making the trek down here multiple times throughout their career. So, brace yourselves.

Check out the album art and track listing below.

01. Chucky Vs. The Giant Tortoise
02. Young Robot
03. Frozen One
04. Flossie Dickey Bounce
05. Deception
06. Inspire The Liars
07. Philosopher King
08. Here Comes The Winner
09. Exposed
10. Betrayed By The Game
11. Petting Zoo Justice
12. Chocolate Jackalope
13. Man Of The Year

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