Daniel Johns Is Promising Something Special For All The ‘Freaks’ In His Fanbase

2021 was the year former Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns came roaring back into our lives via podcasts and new music announcements (don’t expect to ever see him perform live though!) and it now seems that he’s clearing out the vault of old ideas.

Taking to his Instagram, Johns shared a meme of his teenage self photoshopped sitting on a soccer ball hovering over Macchu Pichu in the Andes mountains (a reference to the lyrics of the band’s 90s’ proto-Nirvana smash hit ‘Freak’) noting ““If this stupid meme makes sense to you, join my mailing list for exclusive early access to something really special (and ultra-rare) coming next week.”


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Johns followed it up with a  video of the band performing ‘Freak’ at the 1997 ARIA Awards, leading the sleuths among us to suspect that this forthcoming special something will be related to the song ‘Freak’ (could be wrong though).

Johns has become something of a musical chameleon over the past few decades, with Silverchair rapidly expanding on their grunge sound to a broader alternative melting pot via classic albums Neon Ballroom and Diorama, whilst Johns’ 2015 solo effort Talk took him into smoky pop territory.

His next musical outing, FutureNever, drops on Friday, April 1st.

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