Daniel Tosh Has Remade A Selena Gomez Video Shot-For-Shot, With A Little Help From Carrot Top

High Septon of the internet and unapologetic attention whore, Daniel Tosh, has re-created Selena Gomez’s steamy Good For You video clip shot-for-shot.

Why? “Because I know every word to the Selena Gomez song Good for You and I have lots of money,” the comedian explains.

But it could just as likely be because nobody watches Tosh.O anymore and he doesn’t like it when nobody’s looking at him.

trust fall

Either way, Tosh has donned a full face of makeup, a slinky floral bathrobe and painstakingly sourced an identical lime green couch for the task. He even went so far as to recruit a very special guest to help fill the shoes of A$AP Rocky, who performs a verse in the Gomez’s original song:

carrot top

Altogether, it’s only slightly less disturbing than that time Seth Rogan and James Franco covered Kimye’s Bound 2.

Watch Daniel Tosh channel his inner Selena alongside a gold-grilled Carrot Top, below.

Watch: Daniel Tosh/Selena Gomez – Good For You (Side By Side)

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