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Selena Gomez Releases New Single And Music Video For ‘Love On’

American singer Selena Gomez released a new music video for her song ‘Love On’ on February 22. The romantic-themed music video gives a glimpse of Paris throughout the video.

This song is special because it’s Selena Gomez’s first release since her last hit in 2023 called “Single Soon.” While her last song was about feeling sad after a breakup, “Love On” is all about the happy feelings you get when you’re in love, especially the kind of love you might find in Paris which she made with her boyfriend Benny Blanco.

Selena Gomez had been teasing her song to fans for the past week on Instagram. Finally, she released the song, and her fans couldn’t wait to watch the video.

Selena Gomez – ‘Love On’

In “Love On,” Selena sings about love in a fun and playful way. The lyrics include, “Wait ’til I turn my love on / I’m no cheap thrill / I’m a rollercoaster ride, baby jump on / Come on, come on,” and “This doesn’t have to be some sort of mathematical equation / Slip off your jeans, slide in the sheets, screaming “yes” in quotations / Clock in, baby get to work / Night shift but with all the perks.”

Selena Gomez further added French words in her lyrics: “Why we conversing over this steak tartare when we could be / Somewhere other than here making out in the back of a car / Or in the back of a bar / Or we could make a memoir, yeah / On the back wall of the last stall in the bathroom at the bazaar.”

Selena has paid attention to every detail in the song, even using French words like ‘steak tartare’ to add a French touch to the music. With its catchy beat, “Love On” shows off Selena’s musical talent in a new way by taking her fans on a dreamy adventure to Paris with her music video.

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