Darren Hanlon Is Back With A New Album And National Tour Dates

Urban folk singer-songwriter Darren Hanlon has returned from a life-affirming jaunt to the US, and he’s brought a new album back with him. The Aussie troubadour’s fifth studio effort, Where Did You Come From?, will also make its way around Australia, with Hanlon embarking on a marathon national tour.

Kicking off at the Nannup Festival at the end of February, the trek will see the Gympie-based tunesmith criss-cross the country during March and April, playing festivals – including a spot at Tasmania’s PANAMA Festival – and regional venues in between every major city.

The album itself, Hanlon’s first solo LP in five years, was conceived in the isolated town of Broken Hill, but managed to span two continents and countless cities, towns, and recording studios within America’s southern states before its ultimate completion. It’s being billed by the songwriter as a testament to the joys of travelling and the mysteries of fate.

“One ambitious and under-prepared Queenslander, one battered old guitar, one Amtrak pass, five recording studios, fifteen or so musical strangers, six bullet holes,” he describes in an official fan mailout.

“I went on an exploratory adventure in the American southlands and the whole thing grew up around me like rogue lantana. I spent 20 or so nights sleeping on the train with my jumper rolled up under my head. When I hopped off I walked the cracked pavements of the great Southern cities and met buskers, thieves, tap-dancers, roadside preachers, drunks and dealers, all of whom had something worth saying to learn about.”

“All that fed into the writing of the songs and onto these recordings… The songs wrote themselves, and often were meant for these characters I met along the way specifically.”

Where Did You Come From? officially hits the streets on Monday, March 2nd but eager fans can pre-order the disc on CD and vinyl.

Tickets to Darren Hanlon’s Where Did You Come From? National Tour are also on sale now.

Watch: Darren Hanlon – When You Go

Darren Hanlon – Where Did You Come From? Tour Dates

Friday, 27th February – Sunday, 1st February

Nannup Festival, WA

Tickets: darrenhanlon.com/tours

Monday, 2nd March

Mojos Bar, Freemantle

Tickets: darrenhanlon.com/tours

Thursday, 5th March

Republic Bar, Hobart

Tickets: darrenhanlon.com/tours

Friday, 6th March – Sunday, 8th March

Panama Festival

Tickets: darrenhanlon.com/tours

Thursday, 12th March

Railway Club, Darwin

Tickets: darrenhanlon.com/tours

Friday, 20th March & Saturday, 22nd March

Yackandandah Folk Festival

Tickets: darrenhanlon.com/tours

Tuesday, 24th March

Clarendon Guest House, Katoomba

Tickets: darrenhanlon.com/tours

Wednesday, 25th March

Gallipoli Legions Club, Newcastle

Tickets: darrenhanlon.com/tours

Thursday, 26th March

Manning Bar, Sydney

Tickets: darrenhanlon.com/tours

Friday, 27th March

Street Theatre, Canberra

Tickets: darrenhanlon.com/tours

Saturday, 28th March

Candelo Festival

Tickets: darrenhanlon.com/tours

Thursday, 2nd April

Jive Bar, Adelaide

Tickets: darrenhanlon.com/tours

Friday, 3rd April

Karova Lounge, Ballarat

Tickets: darrenhanlon.com/tours

Thursday, 9th April

The Spotted Cow, Toowoomba

Tickets: darrenhanlon.com/tours

Friday, 10th April

The Zoo, Brisbane

Tickets: darrenhanlon.com/tours

Saturday, 11th April

Majestic Theatre, Pomona

Tickets: darrenhanlon.com/tours

Friday, 17th April

The Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Tickets: darrenhanlon.com/tours

Darren Hanlon – Where Did You Come From? Track Listing

1. Salvation Army

2. When You Go

3. Trust Your Feelings (When You Wake)

4. There’s Nothing on my Mind

5. Letter From an Australian Mining Town

6. Fear of the Civil War

7. My Love is an Ocean Away

8. Manhole Cover Tap

9. The Chattanooga Shoot Shoot

10. The Will of the River

11. Awkward Dancer

12. Halley’s Comet, 1986

13. Shine A Light

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