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Darude Teases Possible ’Sandstorm Pt. 2’ & Rick Astley Collab In Reddit AMA

Finnish producer, DJ and man behind the meme-spiring trance hit Sandstorm, Darude, has used a Reddit Ask Me Anything session to discuss the possibility of Sandstorm Part 2 and a collaborative track with fellow meme-musician Rick Astley, all while teasing an as-yet-unannounced Melbourne show and declaring that he doesn’t actually make memes.

Darude (real name Ville Virtanen) was bombarded with questions from fans and meme-thusiasts during today’s Reddit AMA, and he handled the attention so well that he refused to rule out making more meme-nificent material.

When asked if he could “break the internet” by releasing a collaborative single with Never Gonna Give You Up singer Rick Astley, Darude said, “If Mr. Astley is game, I am!”

So has anybody got Mr Astley’s number? Because this needs to happen.

When asked about the possibility of reprising his 1999 smash hit Sandstorm (below) for a second round of new DUN DUNs, DOO DOOs and BEEP BEEPs, Darude made the internet very happy by simply saying, “Never know.”

YUS, bring on ‘Sandstorm Pt. 2 feat. Rick Astley’!

That said, when asked the question, “How does it feel to be the creator of one of the biggest memes ever?”, Darude hit back by saying, “I created music, not memes.”

Discussing whether or not he could ever make another hit as popular as Sandstorm, Darude told fans that he’s pretty certain he’ll never attain that song’s perfection again.

“I KNOW I won’t. Not being negative, but it’s impossible to decide to make something like that happen,” Darude said.

“I just made the track, the ‘phenomena’ happened on its own. I’m still making music in a very similar way than back then, so I don’t really think about beating Sandstorm when I make new music, I just make music, because I love it!”

Darude, who is touring Australia in September this year, also used his Reddit AMA to show some serious love for his Aussie fans, and told Melbourne punters to “keep an eye out” for a new Melbourne show still to be announced.

Asked about the favourite gigs he’s ever played, Darude’s thoughts turned to Australia. “Being back in Australia after several years and being booked sorta as an add on to Future Music Festival last year (c’mon, let’s be real) and then having huge crowds, energetic, willing and able to party, great reviews, it was amazing thru the whole tour,” he said.

“I’ve always had a great time in Australia, like last year doing the Future Music Festival, and I can’t wait for my Ozzie tour in September to start!”

Catch our highlights from Darude’s Reddit AMA alongside the perfection that is the original Sandstorm, below.

Oh and somebody call Rick Astley!

Watch: Darude – Sandstorm

I’m Darude, ask me ANYTHING! 7/26/2016, 2pm EST

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