8 Things We Learnt From The Smith Street Band Frontman Wil Wagner’s Reddit AMA

The Smith Street Band‘s all-knowing frontman, Wil Wagner, took time out of his busy music schedule to host a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with fans today.

Under the username “wil_420”, Wagner responded to fans’ questions about the next Smith Street album, his dream musical collaborations, his honest opinion of Violent Soho and Dune Rats, and heaps more.

Without further ado, here are eight important things we learnt:

1. The Next Smith Street Album Is Already Written!

Wagner casually dropped this bomb, saying, “I have the next Smith St album written and maybe half a solo album?”

2. His ‘Dream Collabs’ Are A+, And There Might Be One On The Way

“Dream collaborations are Bruce Springsteen or Run The Jewels,” Wagner said.

“But me and [rapper] Joelistics are hopefully gonna make some music sometime this year. I’d love to do something with A.B. Original cause those dudes fucking rule and I’m getting more and more into producing bands and being collaborative in that way!”

3. He’s Prepared To ‘Fuck, Marry Or Kill’ His Bandmates

Asked who he’d ‘fuck, marry or kill’ out of his bandmates Chris Cowburn, Lee Hartney and Michael ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald, Wagner didn’t shy away.

“Oh my god what a question,” he said.

“I’d defo fuck Chris, he’s gorgeous. I’d marry Fitzy… But I wouldn’t kill Lee! I love Lee! Oh man this is hard!”

4. He Prefers Violent Soho Over Dune Rats


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5. The Working Title Of Latest Album ‘More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me’ Was Pretty Dark

“The working title of the album for a long time was ‘The Breaking of a Person’,” Wagner revealed.

6. He’s Sick Of Rehearsing ‘Young Drunk’, But Not Sick Of Playing It Live

“At rehearsal YES [sick of it], but at shows no way. Because we’ve played it so many times I can just kick into muscle memory and take a minute to look out and properly enjoy the crowd and kinda marvel to myself at how far that song has taken us.”

7. His All-Time Hero Is…

“Bruce Springsteen.”

8. And His Favourite Beer Is…

“Bacardi Breezer.”

The Smith Street Band are taking their latest album on the road later this year, and are also set to perform at triple j‘s One Night Stand and Groovin The Moo, where they’ll apparently team up with Violent Soho in a cricket match against fellow festival acts Architects and The Darkness.

Read Wagner’s full Reddit AMA right here.

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