Dave Gleeson: “Reece Mastin’s Songs Are As Soft As Ice Cream”

Talk about one of Oz rock’s eldest statesmen putting a wannabe in his place.

Screaming Jets’ frontman – and now Triple M presenter – Dave Gleeson has come out swinging at last year’s X-Factor winner and tween rocker Reece Mastin, saying his music is “as soft as dead-set ice cream”.

Gleeso – as he likes to be called – made the 17-year-old singer the subject of his weekly ‘Rock Rant’ on his show on Friday after Mastin claimed that he was in some hardcore bands that nearly made it onto the Soundwave lineup a few years back. The wannabe rock god – who has already covered himself in a ridiculous amount of tattoos – also reckons some of the songs on his latest record, Beautiful Nightmare, could fit in well at the festival.

“He’s 17 this kid, and he’s already set me off,” Gleeson said.

“He’s come out and said he’s bringing rock back, but quite frankly, his album sounds like a cross between Ashlee Simpson and P!nk… actually, P!nk is giving him too much credit.”

“He can’t sing, he’s got those big silly lips… and he’s come out and said his songs would fit on Soundwave.”

Calling him a “popper and not a rocker” – Gleeson went on to predict Mastin’s career would be similar to that of 70’s American child star Leif Garrett.

“Reece… you’re a pop idol, mate, a bit like Leif Garrett. You probably don’t know who that is, but look it up, because that’s probably where your career is gonna be in the next 20 years.”

“I don’t care what he says about his songs being hardcore, they are as soft as dead-set ice-cream.”

Listen to the full rant below:

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