Dave Grohl Compares Foo Fighters’ Forthcoming Album To David Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’

The Foo Fighters‘ 10th album is on the way, and frontman Dave Grohl reckons it’s their version of David Bowie‘s 1983 album Let’s Dance.

As Consequence of Sound reports, Grohl recently joined his mother, Virginia Grohl, for a Mother’s Day-themed interview with Los Angeles’ ALT 98.7 FM. While the interview was mostly about Virginia’s book From Cradle to Stage, towards the end of the chat, Grohl expressed disappointment about not being able to be on tour at present due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The record is so good, we’re so excited for people to hear it, we’re so excited to go out and play it,” Grohl commented, before opening up about what fans have to look forward to on the album, the title of which is yet to be revealed.

“It’s filled with anthemic, huge, sing-along rock songs. It’s kind of like a dance record, but not an EDM, disco, modern dance record. It’s got groove,” Grohl said.

“To me, it’s our David Bowie’s Let’s Dance record. That’s what we wanted to make, we wanted to make this really up, fun record.”

The forthcoming album will follow 2017’s Concrete and Gold.

Funnily enough, Grohl recently recounted being politely shot down after reaching out to Bowie to collaborate, telling the story on his ‘Dave’s True Stories’ Instagram account.

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