Dave Grohl Crowns David Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’ As ‘Best Air Drumming Album’ Ever

When it comes to air drumming, surely there’s no source out there as credible as Dave Grohl. In a recent interview with BBC 6Music, The…[Insert band name and instrument of your choosing] has explained that he has a healthy respect for the art of air drumming, explaining that David Bowie’s Let’s Dance is the best album to flail to in the history of albums.

“I always go, and people will think I’m crazy for this as there are a lot of Bowie eras and they’re all great, but I really like the Let’s Dance period. Because, as a drummer, that’s one of the best air drumming albums of all time,” he said on the subject when discussing Bowie’s latest album The Next Day.

Grohl continued to explain that there was no place better place to throw down an air-beat than in a packed bar full of drunk people: “I can appreciate technical drumming, sure. But to me there’s nothing better than being in a bar full of people dancing and air drumming when none of them know how to play the drums. That and Back In Black, anyone will air drum to those albums.”

As NME point out, the 1983 album contained gems such as Modern Love , China Girl and of course the album’s namesake. Good times indeed.

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