Dave Grohl Is Set To Appear On Nickelodeon Kids’ Show ‘Ryan’s Mystery Playdate’

It can be said that Dave Grohl‘s impact and influence spans generations, but now he’s about to score fans among even the youngest of the world with an upcoming appearance on Nickelodeon children’s show Ryan’s Mystery Playdate.

The Foo Fighters frontman is set to appear on the show at some point this week, alongside the show’s host – seven year old Ryan Kaji. On top of that, Grohl’s youngest daughter – who is apparently a massive fan of the show – will also be starring with him.

In a preview for the show, Grohl says that this is “the coolest thing yet” of his gargantuan career.

“Hi everybody, I’m Dave Grohl,” he said.

“I’m a rock ‘n roll musician, but this is kind of the coolest thing yet. My daughter has been watching the show constantly, so it’s like meeting a real rockstar. I’m not the rockstar here, Ryan is.”

“It’s important for every kid to learn about music and learn to play an instrument. But the best part is when you get together with your friends and play a song. That’s the best thing.”

Watch the bloody wholesome teaser for the episode below.

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