Dave Grohl Says Foo Fighters Have A “Little Secret” In Store For New Album

Foo Fighters fans let out a collective squeal of excitement when the band recently announced they would be releasing a new album in the near future, and now it’s time for the collective squeal to continue ringing, with Dave Grohl revealing more details about the album recording process.

Grohl recently told SPIN Magazine that the album will be recorded at Studio 606, Foo Fighters’ own facility which now houses the legendary Neve console he rescued from Sound City Studios. “We run our own little hit factory at 606,” he said. “We’ve done a couple other projects since Sound City. We’re recording Foo Fighters stuff as we speak.”

The fact that the band are already talking about studio gear surely means the album is already well on its way. Grohl previously confirmed that the whole album is already written and began taking shape some time ago, and he now says all that’s left is to bash it out in the studio:

“We’ve gotten back into it in the last couple of weeks. Over the past year when I haven’t been doing any Foo Fighters stuff, I’ve been loading up my cassette recorder at home with song ideas. Then I hit rewind, listened back and thought, ‘Oh, my God, I have a record! Wow, that was easy.’ And it’s just a matter of getting in the room and banging it out.”

Grohl also revealed that the next LP from the Fooies will have a secret weapon which, if Grohl’s calculations are correct, has never been attempted previously:

“I have this idea that I don’t think anyone’s done before, and we’re going to try it, we don’t really want to give away our little secret yet, but it’s happening. And we’re pretty psyched about it. It’s much more of an involved process than just going in to make a record down the street, because we’ve done that before. And everybody does that. So at this point, maybe let’s challenge ourselves to do something that’s more than just sitting down and making a record so you can go out and sell a bunch of T-shirts.”

He added, “I’ll just say it’s pretty clear what we have, and it’s exciting, we’ll have a Foo Fighters record and it’s going to be fucking great!”

Never one to rest on his laurels, or even stay with one project for too long, Grohl also confirmed his involvement in the impending album from St Louis singer-songwriter Kristeen Young. Speaking of the studio sessions in glowing terms, he recalled:

“We recorded that here [606]. It’s me, Kristeen and [producer] Tony Visconti. He plays bass, I play drums, she plays fucking keyboards, and it sounds great. I really love to just play.”

The next Foo Fighters album has no scheduled release date at this point but by the sounds of things Dave and co are itching to get this one out.

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