Dave Grohl Wants All Future Foo Fighters Records To Be Conceptual

Foo Fighters last album Sonic Highways was bound by the concept of recording one song each in several cities around America and it looks like the Foos will be exploring concepts like this for all of their albums from now on.

Talking to NME, drummer Taylor Hawkins said Foo Fighters next release “will have some sort of concept around it.”

“It’s not enough to just make a fucking record any more,” he elaborated.

“It used to be a simple process of writing a batch of songs, recording them, and putting them out. You’d make an album, make three videos. If they were good, MTV would play them, and you’d sell some records. Now, you need to do something else with it.”

According to Hawkins, frontman Dave Grohl wants every record to be bound by a concept, “whether it’s something as large as Sonic Highways or as simple as, ‘Hey, let’s record Wasting Light to tape in my garage’.”

While Grohl has already hinted that season two of Sonic Highways (the HBO documentary that accompanied their latest album) may be in the works, he told NME that he has another idea brewing.

“I do have this idea, and I’ve had it for a long time, maybe about a year,” he said.

“It’s not set in stone. It’s definitely about challenging the artist with the environment. It’s a good idea, but we’ll see what happens.”

Grohl, however, also contradicted the idea of only releasing concept albums saying, “The biggest challenge for us now would be to just load into a studio and make an album like any other band. I’m almost thinking that’s what we should do.”

Foo Fighters next move will clearly be unpredictable but we’re hoping another season of Sonic Highways will bring them to Australia to record.

Watch: Foo Fighters Sonic Highways Trailer

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