Dave Grohl Was All Kinds Of Awesome At This Hollywood Event

Dave Grohl recently proved that no amount of rubbing shoulders with Hollywood types will change him from the Ohio-born punk that he is. After taking the stage at the Television Critics Association press tour recently, the Foo Fighters frontman proceeded to unleash every shade of awesome.

The Associated Press report that Grohl brought “a rock and roll sensibility to the usually buttoned-down atmosphere of the summer TV critics’ tour.” That rock and roll sensibility kicked off with a discussion of his upcoming HBO documentary series that was reportedly peppered with F-bombs.

Grohl’s phone then rang in the middle of his talk. “Sorry, I’m new to this,” the frontman told the crowd, which was composed of members of the Television Critics Association and other stuffy Hollywood types. As he fished the phone out of his pocket, his mic came unclipped from his jacket.

The frontman then recounted how instead of grabbing some shuteye before he was to promote his new television show in front of the people who will soon be assessing it, he went to a dive bar near his house and sat in with a cover band, “just because I didn’t want to go to bed at 10 o’clock.”

According to ET Canada, Grohl once again launched barbs at reality singing shows during his talk, proclaiming, “I don’t want my kid to think that the only way you can be a musician is to stand in line at a song contest audition, and then wind up having a bazillionaire tell you you’re not a good singer.”

“Don’t get me started,” he added. “To me, that’s not what music’s about.” Back in March 2013, Grohl dropped a now heavily circulated quote to Sky magazine in which the rock and roll purist criticised reality singing shows like The Voice for “destroying the next generation of musicians.”

Grohl concluded on a more serious note, explaining his philosophy during the making of his documentary series, Sonic Highways, which depicts the recording of Foo Fighters’ new album in legendary recording studios around the US and sessions with a string of iconic musicians.

“These recording studios are hallowed ground; they’re churches and monuments to me,” he said. “History has been made in shitholes all over the country… We could just go make another record in the studio, hit the road and sell a bunch of t-shirts. It’s all about reinventing the process.”

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