Dave Lombardo No Longer Focusing On Slayer

At the time it was another frustrating Soundwave drummer drop-out but it appears as though the conflict between Dave Lombardo and his main musical endeavor Slayer will have a long-lasting effect. Lombardo has spoken freely in a recent interview about the fact that Slayer no longer holds his focus as he turns to his side projects.

Over the years, Lombardo also contributed to Philm and Grip Co. Now, as per an interview with Greece’s Rockoverdose, he will be dusting off the skins and once again jamming with both. Though he would very much like to participate with his former band mates in Slayer, he describes the situation there as ” “wait and see”.

For the time being, Lombardo describes Philm as his “main band”. The band will be making a live comeback later in the year and, by the sounds of things, Lombardo is looking forward to a bit of a sea change:

“It’s different, it’s a little more alternative. It’s not metal. I don’t follow what I lead. I try to do other things and try to lead in those and not always do things in the same vein. It’s kind of the artistic side of me that always wants to progress and create and be creative.”

As for Grip Co., Lombardo has made contact with Waldemar Sorychta who featured in the original line-up – both have hopes to inject some life back into the project, though as original vocalist Gus Chambers has passed away they will most likely tap Amen vocalist Casey Chaos to handle the vox.

Lombardo freaked everyone out just days away from Soundwave 2013 when he announced he would no longer be performing with Slayer, explaining he raised his concerns about the bands financial arrangements with Kerry King, who didn’t take too kindly to it and promptly dumped the drummer from the Australian tour.

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