Slayer guitarist Kerry King Recalls “Grief” People Felt Over Metallica’s Black Album

Slayer guitarist / scary man Kerry King has made no secret of the fact he’s an out-and-out metalhead over the years, and not even Metallica’s stone-cold classic Back Album ticks his ‘metal’ box.

In a recent interview with Metal Hammer, the guitarist shared his thoughts on the record, and while he certainly had time for it, he understood the more purist metalhead’s disdain for the album that made them chart superstars.

“I may not have been super-stoked on it, but I never hated it the way a lot of people did. To this day, I like that record a lot. I think it’s Metallica but I don’t think it’s thrash Metallica,” said the veteran thrasher.

“There was so much grief over that when it came out. And to be honest with you, everything that came out after that for a long time, that’s what I have a problem with. But The Black Album? It’s still heavy. It’s got some fast stuff on it.”

Ever the true believer, King recently set tongues wagging around the heavy world with the promise of a new project, coinciding with rumors of a Slayer reformation, featuring former Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo on vocals.

While there hasn’t been any further news on the Anselmo-fronted Slayer front (bar this exchange between drummer Paul Bostaph and Overkill drummer Jason Bittner on Instagram) King has assured fans that his post Slayer project, whatever it may be, will be “fucking good.” 

Just don’t expect anything to sound like ‘Sad But True’ coming from the bald-headed, demon guitar-wielding ax-man any time soon.



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