Dead Letter Circus Are Planning To Drop A “Heavy” New Album Later This Year

Dead Letter Circus are on track to drop two new albums this year.

We’re already eagerly awaiting the arrival of The Endless Mile, the Brissie rock ledgehammers’ forthcoming disc commemorating their ten year anniversary, which is packing acoustic re-imaginings and lush re-arrangements of songs from their back-catalogue.

But even as DLC are on the road touring the crap out of that LP, they’re also hard at work writing their next one.

Speaking with Music Feeds, frontman Kim Benzie reveals that the band are currently in the studio working on a whole bunch of fresh material for a brand new album, which they’re planning to release later this year.

“We’re aiming for a two-album year, so we have our reimagined album coming out, and then, later in the year, a heavy album. That’s the current goal.”

Yep, that’s right. The official follow-up to 2015’s Aesthesis should be dropping in a matter of months.

“This will be the official album four for DLC, so it’ll be us in our normal setting,” Benzie clarifies, explaining that some people they’ve met while on the Endless Mile tour have gotten confused and figured the reimagined acoustic stuff represents a new style for the band.

“We had to reassure them and go ‘Mate, this is like a fancy date night. We’ve been dating for ten years, and we didn’t go to the burger shop, we got a bottle of wine and went to some fancy-arse restaurant,” Benzie laughs. “But we’ll be back at the burger outlet soon.”

Read: DLC are not chucking a Linkin Park. Their new album is going to be 100% the heavy-ass band you know and love.

“A lot of these ideas were written in the evening while we were doing the reimagined thing and it was kinda like this full counterbalance of doing ethereal, ambient stuff… and then in the evening going ‘Oh my god, we gotta release the pent up energy!’ And exploding into the evening.

“I can definitely say, after spending a couple of months involved with pianos and cellos and acoustic guitars, I’m hanging [to do something heavier again],” the frontman continues. “The ideas we’ve got seem to be going in a pretty upbeat, heavy direction. I reckon it’s the swing back of the pendulum from where we just went. No more acoustic guitars for me for a while.”

In the meantime, you can get your ears on plenty of acoustic DLC when The Endless Mile drops on Friday, 12th May. Pre-orders can be made at the band’s official merch site, or through your preferred music service.

Their current national tour continues in Bunbury this Friday, before finishing up in Perth.

And ICYMI: the band recently tore the roof off their Melbourne show by performing a rendition of the Farnsy classic ‘You’re The Voice’ with Karnivool/Birds Of Tokyo frontman Ian Kenny.

Benzie gave us the rundown of how that all came about — and also how it kinda saved him from a nightmare week of root canal hell — which you can read all about here, or watch footage of the performance below.

Watch: Dead Letter Circus Feat. Ian Kenny – ‘You’re The Voice’ (John Farnham Cover @ Max Watt’s, Melbourne 10.03.17)



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