Deadmau5 Calls Out Lady Gaga Nude Video, Little Monsters Call For His Death

Deadmau5 has launched the latest barb in the beef between the super-producer and fans of Lady Gaga, calling out the pop maven after she posted her latest video on the web.

The beef started when Deadmau5 came across that very NSFW video of Gaga practicing the Abramovic Method (below), an old-school performance exercise used to increase a performer’s awareness of their physical and mental space.

Understandably weirded out by the obscure video, which features a nude Gaga hugging crystals and moaning “ehhhhhhh” through most of the clip, Deadmau5 tweeted:

“what the actual fuck?…if some idiot howls in the woods and noones around, does it make a sound? MYTH BUSTED!”

The incredulous tweet raised the ire of Gaga’s fans, who immediately inundated the outspoken producer/DJ with insults and requests for him to commit suicide. The man in the mouse helmet took to Twitter to post his rebuttal to the Little Monsters’ taunts to kill himself:

wow… all these tweets telling me to kill myself. the lilttle monsters are pro suicide or something? not sure what to make of that.“.

He then posted his own video on Instagram, which shows the producer practising the Abramovic Method on his cat. You can see the fairly hilarious vid below.

Watch: Lady Gaga practices the Abramovic Method

Watch: Deadmau5’s response

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