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Remember That Time Deadmau5 Livestreamed Himself Painstakingly Recreating The Stranger Things Theme?

Stranger Things shared their third season via Netflix last Thursday, 4th July and please for the love of god don’t tell me what happens because I haven’t watched it yet.

If you are one of the many people captivated by The Duffer Brothers’ period sci-fi, then you, like Deadmau5, would be familiar with the show’s theme song, composed by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of the band Survive.

There were a bunch of great covers that surfaced of the theme song, most notably, one from Aussie producer Luke Million.

But there was one in particular that would sweep all of them out of the water, and that of course, came in from Deadmau5. He set himself the painful task of recreating the analogous track. From scratch.

He underwent this meticulous task in his home studio in Campbellville, Ontario and naturally, he live streamed the entire process to Twitch.

The clip is three hours of him filtering through plugins and fiddling with a whole bunch of patch cables until finally, a result. Let’s revisit the painstaking moment below.

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