Deadmau5 Hits Out At ‘Parasite’ Flo Rida

Not unlike most Australians, internationally acclaimed DJ and serial complainer Deadmau5 turned on Flo Rida, posting a series of tweets lashing out at the rapper after stumbling across the latest commercial for the Flo Rida endorsed faux-DJ equipment, Beamz.

The ad, which you can watch below, features an individual using the new product while wearing a mask that seems to be identical to that famously worn by Deadmau5 during his live performances. Further adding fuel to the fire is the ad’s tagline of ‘Even a mouse can play’. Naturally, Deadmau5 is having none of it.

Assuming the ad is a retaliation to a clip the DJ previously posted, which showed Deadmau5 smashing a set of Beamz to pieces in slow motion, the Canadian has shot straight back, addressing Beamz Music directly and informing them that at no point did he agree to lend his likeness or trademark to help shift units of their “shitty product.”

Knowing full well that he may have made the first move in this situation, Deadmau5 adds “tweets and parodies are all fun and games, but i feel that that looks like a legitimate advertisement, wouldn’t you agree?” And despite the seriously tacky nature of the ad, we feel inclined to agree.

Deadmau5, real name Joel Zimmerman, added that such tactics are “kinda like a parasite” syphoning sustenance from a larger host.

Beamz is yet to reply and Flo Rida, being a dick, never will, leaving Zimmerman with little option than to get distracted by another Twitter feud, targeting his peer Tiesto, after the DJ powerhouse cancelled a show via Twitter, though not from his own account, but the Team Tiesto fan account.

(Via Revolt TV)

Watch: Beamz Commercial ‘Even a mouse can play!’

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