Deadmau5 Is Selling His Nyan Cat “Purrari” On Craigslist

Canadian house producer Deadmau5, real name Joel Zimmerman, has put his Nyan Cat-branded 2013 Ferrari “Purrari” 458 Spider up for sale on Craigslist, with an asking price of $380K. Zimmerman recently won the annual Gumball 3000 motor rally in Miami using the car.

On the car’s Craiglist page, Deadmau5 explains that he’s “selling the majestic Purrari” and giving “anything over 380[K] to charity”. The charity of his choice is the Toronto Humane Society, an animal welfare organisation.

In typical Deadmau5 fashion, the car’s online listing states that the vehicle’s “size/dimensions” are “nyan”, and that the car “purrs like a nyancat”. The car’s number-plate is “PURRARI”. Seems about right.

The eventual owner of the car will also receive an “iPod full of Nyan Cat songs”, as well as the opportunity to film a “farewell purrari” coffee run video with Deadmau5 as part of Zimmerman’s YouTube series which has featured artists such as Pharrell and Zedd.

“So basically it comes with a free Tim Hortons coffee that you’ll have to pay for anyway,” Zimmerman jokes on the Craiglist page. “Should be funny to see how this turns out,” he also posted on Twitter.

Deadmau5 has taken to Twitter today to claim that Craiglist have removed his listing. “Craigslist removed my listing? What the fuck for? Is it not a site for selling shit?” he wrote, before telling fans and Ferrari fanatics that he’s going to set up a new auction shortly after receiving a few bids.

“Alright… We’ll set up a new site/auction thing tomorrow. Got some bids in today, so after we verify those and nothing pans out, game on,” Zimmerman wrote on his Twitter page.

Deadmau5 is promising to ship the car anywhere in North America, and has said that the eventual buyer can ask to have the car’s Nyan Cat skin removed. But who would be silly enough to do such a thing?

Zimmerman, after recently getting caught up in a feud with Canadian indie-rockers Arcade Fire, has now told the London Evening Standard that he’s disillusioned by music festivals and believes EDM is on it’s way out.

“Festivals are being branded bigger than the acts, which is totally backwards in my head,” Zimmerman told the publication. “It’s ’cause of those acts that you’re a festival! Who wins? The promoter. The guy who’s throwing this festival that’s branded bigger than you, that you think you’re awesome for headlining. It’s a shame, so that’s why I’m pulling out.”

On the subject of EDM’s future, Zimmerman noted, “Disco had a longer run than EDM has, to be honest about it, and that died in a fucking hurry. EDM is way more susceptible because that was in a time when they didn’t have mass social media and all that shit.

“It’s not gonna be me saying, ‘OK, EDM’s done’, and the whole thing falls apart, but I think it’ll eventually fuck itself so hard.”

Watch a video tour of Deadmau5’s Nyan Cat Purrari, below, as well as Deadmau5 and Zedd doing a coffee run in the soon-to-be-sold car.

Deadmau5’s new album, While (1<2), is out now.

Watch: Deadmau5’s Nyan Cat Purrari 458 Spider

Watch: Coffee Run! ft. Zedd

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