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Image for Deadmau5 Mildly Displeased With “Asshat” DJ For Playing YouTube Rip Of His Unreleased Track

Deadmau5 Mildly Displeased With “Asshat” DJ For Playing YouTube Rip Of His Unreleased Track

Written by Zanda Wilson on April 26, 2016

Last weekend was an absolutely huge weekend for music festivals worldwide. Whilst Coachella was taking place and Groovin The Moo was going on in Australia, Brazil was hosting its edition of Tomorrowland.

One artist, a DJ by the name of ALOK decided to break one of the unwritten rules of artistry, and cranked out a poor quality YouTube rip of an unreleased track by Deadmau5. Imaginary Friends is a cut from the Canadian producer’s upcoming album, and ALOK made an inexcusable faux pas by playing it in front of thousands of fans – complete with audio static.

Given Deadmau5 is renowned for being outspoken about a variety of issues, it’s unsurprising that he was none too pleased when the performance was brought to his attention. Though to his credit, his intial responses were pretty tame.

“It’s not released, but funny to know there are still “big djs” out there getting paid to play shitty YouTube rips”, he replied on Twitter – after being asked if ALOK had gotten permission to play the track.

When asked why a DJ like ALOK would even assault the ears of audiences with a clipping of a track of such poor quality, Deadmau5 responded; “Because 90 percent of them don’t have any idea what they’re doing or why… Other than your money ofc.”

Of course, he was never going to let it go with a slap on the wrist, and next took aim at ALOK himself.

And that’s when he really started to fire up – probably getting ansy because it’s been a few weeks since he got pissed off at someone on Twitter. It was pointed out to him that often DJs do get paid for playing other people’s music, but Zimmerman wasn’t having any of it.

And just in case you weren’t sick of the whole thing already, he then fired shots at Tomorrowland.

Check out a video of the performance in question below. Note though, that the video has had its pitch changed to avoid being taken down. Imaginary Friends is played at 32:15.

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