Deadmau5 Trolls Flo Rida Over Ridiculous Beamz Commercial

What won’t Flo Rida do for a buck, eh? The I Can’t Believe It rapper is now the face of Beamz, making a commercial for the product that lets wannabe DJs make music via laser light beams, and Deadmau5 has been having a field day at his expense, trolling Flo via Twitter.

The 2-minute ad (below) shows Flo making tunes by moving his hands through different laser lights and asking, “Who wants to play with my Beamz?” The company promises that anyone can be a superstar DJ, claiming that you’ll “sound great the first time and every time.”

The ad is potentially the most ridiculous thing we’ve ever seen, and you really should watch the full thing below to experience its true awfulness.

It should be no surprise that Deadmau5 wasted no time in going to town on it, tweeting “Well… fuck. So much for my career. The future’s here. Shit…save me an opening slot at least.” He then added his own parody version to Instagram – check it out below.

Proving that they’ve either got a wicked sense of humour or are completely oblivious, Beamz tweeted back at Deadmau5, saying “Hey @deadmau5 we’re huge fans of what you do and we would love to send you one to try out before you hate” then adding “You should be happy because we are teaching DJs how to mix without pushing buttons!!” Deadmau5 responded with “7 million. Cash. And after that, I swear to god im handjobs all around for you and the whole team”. Beamz responded by posting their own version of Bandz but have been strangely silent in regards to that generous offer of sexual favours.

Poor Flo Rida… said no-one, ever. But really, dude can’t seem to catch a break, having previously been trolled hardcore by Diplo, who threatened to bring a crew to his mansion after accusing him of ripping off his butt-tastic music video for Butter’s Theme.

(via Huffington Post)

Watch: Official Beamz By Flo Commercial

Watch: Deadmau5 Beamz Parody Video

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