Deadmau5’s Virtual Reality Video Game Looks Super Weird

Producer, DJ and video game fanatic deadmau5 (real name Joel Zimmerman) has given the world a taste of a new virtual reality mobile game he’s been developing with game studio vodka brand Absolut, and it looks, well, ~interesting~.

Zimmerman stars in the new VR game Absolut Deadmau5, in which players step into a virtual world in order to join the muso on “an epic night out”.

Players are meant to play as Zimmerman himself while taking part in challenges which ultimately lead to a visit to a DJ booth, where Zimmerman performs his new track Saved, which has already been floating around for a few months. Catch the game’s official trailer, below.

It isn’t yet known if Absolut Deadmau5 includes a ‘Start Your Own Twitter Beef’ challenge, but it does appear to feature driving, jumping over things and a weird Guitar Hero-style interaction with a security guard. It’s clear that the game is pretty darn weird, but it’s nowhere near as weird Kanye West’s video game about his mother’s ascension into heaven.

To help users immerse themselves in the wackiness of Zimmerman’s new vodka-fuelled VR world, there’s also the Google Cardboard-style Absolut Deadmau5 VR headset available for USD$17.95.

Absolut Deadmau5 is set for release on 27th August on iOS and Android. Until then, preview the game’s weirdness below and head here if you’re interested in its accompanying VR headset.

Zimmerman has previously appeared (as deadmau5) in video games like DJ Hero 2, Goat Simulator and Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff.

Watch: Absolut deadmau5 Trailer

Watch: Absolut deadmau5 Behind The Scenes

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