Deftones Are Open To Collaborating With Justin Bieber

Deftones aren’t afraid to collaborate with any artist they damn well please, including Justin fucking Bieber.

Speaking exclusively with Music Feeds, the alt-metal champs’ resident turntablist Frank Delgado addressed his frontman’s recent pro-Bieber confession.

Chino Moreno shocked fans by outing himself as a Belieber, and Delgado reckons a possible future collaboration with The Biebs might not be out of the question.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t put it past Chino to work with Bieber,” he said. “We’ve never been afraid to work with anyone, I mean we’re not afraid to try different things, cover different songs, different artists, you know? We’re that band… we can try and morph into whatever, and try and make it Deftones.”

Delgado continued: “[But] We’re not the type of band that’s been going out of our way to work with everyone… I think it’s just a matter of if it fits, you know?

“I think what’s cool about us is that we never really know how it’s gonna happen, or who it’s going to be even if it does happen. And I think that’s what makes good songs and good albums… when those little things happen organically.

“But it’s always fun to learn from different people and different artists – how they work, stuff like that, so I don’t think we’ll ever not want to work with certain people. But yeah, if it happens, it happens.”

Deftones forthcoming 8th studio album Gore features a guitar cameo from Alice In Chains’ Jerry Cantrell, which Chino previously said made him cry when he heard it.

Gore, which sadly does not contain any Justin Bieber collaborations but does come hot on the heels of a Deftones’ dig at Kanye West, is due out on April 8th.

Meanwhile, Deftones have promised to tour the album here in Australia, after their previously announced tour dates with Soundwave 2016 were cancelled, and reckon they’d even be open to performing at another festival (*cough* Legion *cough*).

Listen to their new disc’s first single, Prayers/Triangles below.

Listen: Deftones – Prayers/Triangles


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