Delta Goodrem Labelled Racist For Laughing At Seal Imitator In Blackface

Former pop star and The Voice judge Delta Goodrem has been labelled a racist after retweeting a photo of a fan dressed up in blackface imitating fellow judge Seal, saying it was “hilarious”.

This classy foursome of fans, pictured below, tweeted photos of themselves dressed up as the 4 judges from The Voice, including a dude in drag as Goodrem and an Anglo guy in dark body paint and fake facial scars as British singer Seal. Clearly no-one told either the fan or the Born To Try singer that painting your skin to imitate someone of another race is wildly offensive, as Goodrem retweeted the photo with the caption “That is hilarious!! Hope you had fun! Ha!!”

Goodrem received a flurry of angry tweets, including one from Nazeem Hussain, member of comedy duo Fear Of A Brown Planet, who said “Nah, blackface isn’t hilarious, Delta. It’s racist”. The other half of the duo, Aamer Rahman, tweeted, “Gosh it must be horrible to work with someone as stupid and racist as @DeltaGoodrem.”

Delta then removed her original tweet and gave the ol’ kinda-sorta apology:

“In reference to a parody of the four coaches that was on Twitter, my re-tweeting was not intended to cause offence in any way.”

So, basically, she’s not sorry for encouraging racist behaviour, just sorry that people were offended by it. It’s okay, we’ve been waiting for an apology for her acting career for almost a decade now and still nothing, so we’ll be used to waiting a while on this one too.


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