Depeche Mode Founders VCMG Announce New Album ‘Ssss’

VCMG aka. Martin Gore and Vince Clarke, both founding members of electronic band Depeche Mode have announced their new album, named Ssss, after releasing their debut single Spock back in December. The album will be released via Mute on the 13th of March, and have 10 tracks (which you can see below)

Having been on the ground for Depeche Mode’s launch to stardom, Clarke then left the band in 1981. He then went on to enjoy success with Yazoo (or Yaz in the U.S.), and arguably more famously, with Erasure. The two appeared to have made amends, after revealing in an interview earlier this year that Clarke had emailed Gore asking if Gore would like to help him collaborate on a techno album.

Listen to their first single Spock below.

Ssss Tracklisting

01 Lowly

02 Zaat

03 Spock

04 Windup Robot

05 Bendy Bass

06 Single Blip

07 Skip This Track

08 Aftermaths

09 Recycle

10 Flux

Listen: VCMG – Spock

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