Dillon Francis Is Going Off At A “Bag Of Dicks” Airline On Twitter

Here’s a word of warning to airlines all around the world — don’t mess with Dillon Francis.

The producer was trying to get to Las Vegas on American Airlines today, however, security took too long and the flight closed its doors on him.

He then took to Twitter, writing, “fuck you I got to my gate at 7:31 and the flight was at 7:40 no gate agent here to let me down and the plane is still there.”

A brave Twitter user then tried to point out that the gates close 10 minutes before the flight, which was a bad idea because they copped a response saying, “I HOPE SOMEONE THROWS A BAG OF SHIT AT U TNIGHT.”

Francis did admit that he was a bit drunk, but even then he managed to make a pretty coherent point.

“For every time you’ve ever delayed me it should allow me to be 1 min late,” he wrote before following it up with a bunch of expletives.

The good news is Francis has rebooked his flight and is on his way to Vegas to play a show. American Airlines were glad to see that he’d rebooked but he’s still not having any of them telling them to, “Rebook my dick in your ass.”

Francis’ new single is called Anywhere, and he’s concluded that American Airlines, “WONT TAKE YOU ‘ANYWHERE’,” which is a nice plug for the single even if it does come from an unfortunate circumstance.

Read his whole Twitter rant, below.

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