Diplo Wants To Work With Travis Scott, But He Won’t Text Him Back

Bad texter-backers: we all know one. But now, Diplo has outed rapper Travis Scott as one.

Producer, Diplo has revealed on Instagram that he’s been ghosted by Travis Scott. Rough. “Travis sees me after a festival and says, ‘Hey let’s make another song’,” starts Diplo, in the Instagram caption of the year.

“Me ‘What’s your new number ?’ Adds number, Texts him next day “this is Diplo “.. notices the number was saved and I already sent desperate looking texts to the same number fifteen times over 5 years.

“Also I look dumb in this picture because I’m mid conversation about a really fire beat I made,” he explains of the accompanying pic of the two.

Then, Diplo shares even more relatable content: a screenshot of his one-sided convo with Travis Scott, who’s been saved as “trav” with a candlestick emoji — possibly as a loving memory of what could have been.

There’s texts like: “hey whats up bro text me back”, “its diplo think something might be wrong with my texts .. hit me back”, and “yo trav you must be super busy lol I know how it goes anyways hit my line my guy”.

All before his final message and what could be a considered a classic ghostee’s last words: “are u mad at me”. Poor Diplo.

Diplo’s just been announced on the lineup for Listen Out festival alongside Flume, Denzel Curry, and ScHoolboy Q.

And hey, maybe he’ll have a new Travis Scott collaboration to spin at the festival. If he ever gets a text back…

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