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Travis Scott, Drake, Live Nation Named In Massive Astroworld Lawsuit

The aftermath of the Astroworld tragedy has continued to unearth new details, namely about the building lawsuits being lodged against Travis Scott and a number of other figures and companies.

The multi-million dollar lawsuit – $750 million, in fact – has been launched against a series of defendants including Scott and Drake (who merely made a guest appearance during Scott’s set), as well as companies like Apple Music and Live Nation.

The lawyer leading this civil case on behalf of 125 victims, has confirmed (via PEOPLE) that his firm isn’t done launching lawsuits either, with a second suit on behalf of 100 further victims in the works.

From attorney Tony Buzbee and his team, a statement has claimed that each defendant stood to benefit financially from Astroworld and therefore, are equally to blame for the massive crowd crush that injured hundreds and killed ten.

“Based on its ongoing investigation, that Apple Music, Epic Records and many other corporations that stood to profit from Astroworld will share legal blame in a court of law, in front of a Texas jury.” their statement has said.

Among the plaintiffs Buzbee’s team is representing, is the family of 21 year old Axel Acosta, who died from cardiac arrest at Astroworld as a result of the crowd crush. His death, the team says, was ‘needless and [was] the result of gross negligence’.

“Axel Acosta loved and adored Travis Scott and the other performers at Astroworld—the feeling was not mutual,” the official statement reads.

“Certainly, neither Travis Scott nor his exclusive partners, streaming service, record labels, handlers, entourage, managers, agents, hangers-on, promoters, organisers, or sponsors cared enough about Axel Acosta and the other concertgoers to make an even minimal effort to keep them safe.”

When it comes to Drake being involved, the law firm has asserted that he was aware of Scott’s reputation for chaos at previous shows. Drake himself, has addressed the Astroworld incident only via social media. Neither Drake nor Scott have commented publicly about this particular lawsuit.

“When [Drake] accepted [Scott’s] invitation to perform at Astroworld 2021, [Drake] was well aware of the damage [Scott] had caused at his shows in the past,” the suit alleges.

[Drake] was also well aware of the anticipated size and volatility of the crowd, and the likelihood of incitement.”

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