Diplo’s Awesome Backstage Rider – Gorilla, Malawian Orphan, Violin Player + More

Diplo is a man of many talents, and projects. The mind behind Diplo, Major Lazer, has produced music for the likes of Robyn, Kid Cudi, Bruno Mars, No Doubt and Snoop Dogg. You couldn’t call Thomas Pentz a lazy man. However, in a recent article published by Pitchfork, it’s become clear that he is a man that mixes business with pleasure in the best possible way.

The publication of Diplo’s backstage rider conveys what sort of man he really is. Foregoing the boring details about what CDJ he uses and how many pizzas he wants, the ‘Non-required but greatly appreciated’ aspect of the list is filled with many laughs and questions. As you will soon see for yourself, Mr. Pentz is an individual who appreciates a good joke, and apparently also enjoys animals and 80’s pop culture – as well as a campfire. Without further ado, here is the greatest rider I have ever seen; I hope Stereosonic got this all covered.

Non-required, but greatly appreciated, items to be available at the request of the ARTIST or their personnel immediately following soundcheck:

– Two (2) Air Horns

– Two (2) Inflatable Animals (Bonus points for endangered or extinct species)

– Four (4) Blank Maxell Cassettes (New in Package)

– One (1) Paddle Swimmin’ Pool

– 1983 G.I. Joe Storm Shadow Action Figure (New in Package)

– One (1) Framed Picture of Diplo

– One (1) Gorilla (Silverback is preferred, an Orangutan is also acceptable)

– Ten (10) Magnum Condoms

– One (1) Malawian Orphan

– One (1) Arranged Marriage

– One (1) Original Nintendo in the box (with receipt from Kiddy City)

– One (1) Violin Player (to play while we eat our cheese plate)

– Two (2) Matches and Lighter Fluid

– One (1) Bonfire Pit

– Two (2) Logs to sit on

– Third season of Lost (on VHS tapes)

– One (1) Parrot that is trained to say your name

– One (1) dart board (with Nicolas Cage’s face on it)

– Short Wave Radio

– 1983 Yak Face Star Wars Return of the Jedi Action Figure (New in Package)

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