‘Discing’ Is The Bizarre New Thing Everyone’s Doing & We’re Not Sure Why

If you haven’t heard of ‘discing’, you’re lucky. Discing is a new phenomenon/meme in which people post videos of themselves flicking CDs in front of their eyes using their glasses. It doesn’t sound that exciting (because it isn’t), but here are a few examples of what some are calling “the new planking”:

time for sum ….. #discing

A video posted by Cherylyn barnes (@cherylynbarnes) on

Du så det først her. #discing

A video posted by Erik Hauge Stangeby (@seilerik) on

Discing is still pretty fresh. Consider the fact that Urban Dictionary‘s top definition for the term is still the one from back in 2008: “When you through [sic] CD at someone you hate,” example: “O shit homie you discing that motherfucker.” Disregard those previous discing examples, though; if you feel the need to try it for yourself, take some cues from the following peeps, who have made it their own in creative ways:

#discing – the new planking. All the cool kids do it. #sandstorm

A video posted by Daim Hill (@daim_hill) on

Despite being weird AF, discing at least gives all of your old CDs a new use — blocking out the haters. Next stop, vinyling.

Watch: Discing Challenge Compilation

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