Disclosure Douse Azealia Banks “Amazing Session” Talk: “We Just Ate Sushi”

Azealia Banks recently took to Twitter to gush about her collaboration with EDM it-band Disclosure, saying “Just had an amazing session with @disclosure !!!!” The possibility of a collaboration between the two artists soon hitting the blogs and airwaves got fans very excited.

But in a recent interview, Disclosure’s Guy and Howard Lawrence put a bit of a dampener on their party:

We don’t have a song with her yet. We’ve met her once. I think she’s kind of taken to Twitter quite heavily with the fact that she’s meeting with us. And people now think that we’ve made the greatest song of all time, and it doesn’t even actually have a chorus yet.

All these blogs think we’ve now made a masterpiece, but really, we just sat there eating sushi.

So much for an “amazing session” then. The collaboration between the two forward-thinking and dance floor-friendly artists might still yield gold, but it looks like fans will have to wait a little longer than Ms. Banks had them thinking.

(Via Pitchfork)

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