Dizzee Rascal Harrassed by Air Hostess on British Airways flight

Dizzee Rascal is looking at a lifetime ban from British Airways after reportedly abusing an air hostess and being thrown off his flight before take off.

Dizzee apparently swore and became abusive towards the stewardess on Saturday when his flight was delayed for over an hour on the tarmac. He was escorted off the plane at Heathrow Airport by police and consequently missed his performance at the Optimus Alive! Festival in Portugal, where he was due to appear alongside The Foo Fighters and Coldplay.

Dizzee’s spokesman has claimed “unprofessional behaviour” by one of the air hostesses “led to a confrontation whereby mutual parties agreed Dizzee leave the plane”.

After speaking to the captain at length, Dizzee left the plane with a police van waiting for him on the runway. Police confirmed they attended but said there were no arrests.

Fellow passengers have come out in defence of Dizze Rascal. One witness told The Evening Standard “We had been on the plane for about an hour, Dizzee had been asleep, and he woke up and there was a female member of cabin crew walking past and he said to her something along the lines of, ‘What’s going on? What are we still doing here? What’s happening?”. The passenger said the flight attendant started “wagging her finger at him and he got a bit upset. I think at some point he did swear but it wasn’t at her.”

So did Dizzee really go bonkers, or is it just a case of sky law and an air hostess on a power trip?

Watch Dizzee Rascal acting calm in an interview with us

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