DJ Khaled Snapchats His Son’s Birth With ‘Major Key’ As Background Music

DJ Khaled just shared one of the most intimate moments of his life on Snapchat — his fiancée Nicole Tuck giving birth to their son.

Even if you’re not a huge fan of his music, Khaled is undeniably one of the most entertaining figures in the industry, continuing to tread his own path, you know, just being himself.

Khaled already has a bit of a reputation on Snapchat, for over-sharing his major key’s for life, and this was perhaps the epitome of that, when overnight he followed up on a promise from last week that he would be snapping the birth of his son.

And he did it in the most Khaled way possible, soothing his wife with calming vibes from his Major Key album as he posts fairly graphic snaps of his wife giving birth.

As soon as the delivery was over, we got this gem – as Khaled allowed the whole world to hear his baby’s first cries.

He’s since posted this image of a lion and his cub to Instagram – apt given his son has Leo as his star sign.

I love you son !

A photo posted by DJ KHALED (@djkhaled) on

Unsurprisingly, responses on Twitter was fairly mixed about the whole thing – with reactions ranging from shocked to stoked. Check out some of the best of them, below.

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